Triple Take: In the Eye of the Beholder

Wandering through a museum, browsing in a contemporary gallery or flipping through the pages of an art history book: who hasn't been inspired by the beauty and significance of great artworks? How you perceive and interpret a work of art depends on how it speaks to you. You'll find different inspiration in it--color, line, texture or theme--from someone else who views the very same piece. We asked three designers each to create a layout inspired by the same work of art and using elements from the same digital kit. Though all three began at the same starting point, they arrived at three very different destinations. 

The vibrant colors and arresting shapes of this painting inspired our designers in a variety of ways. Each used papers and elements found in the Emancipation Kit by FeiFei's Stuff and Leiko Beck Designs to put her own spin on the original image's themes.  

Color is powerful, and some combinations are bound to appeal to you more than others. Think of the bold primary colors of a Georgia O'Keeffe or the delicate pastel tones of a Monet. Do you like warm colors, cool colors or both? What emotions does a particular color set evoke? Do the colors you've chosen soothe, energize, excite? Give your next digital project added artistic punch with a color scheme borrowed from a favorite piece of art.

just be anna aspnes
materials paper, elements from “Emancipation” kit by Fei- Fei’s Stuff and Leicko Beck Designs + brushes from “Different Strokes” by Fei Fei’s Stuff ( + Beautiful font + Photoshop (Adobe)

Tip: Try tucking a masked photo into a digital frame.

Do you struggle with basic layout design? Let shape, or the arrangement of shape, in an art piece be your guide to designing a balanced layout every time. Designer Zalaine was attracted to the fluidity of the curves in the inspiration piece and translated the flow from one to another to her own layout as a symbolic link between the past, present and future.

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