Hi Concepts: Digital Art on the Screen

by April Anderton
Digital photo frames, smart phones and HDTVs provide beautiful blank screens for your digital photos and art. Displaying photos from the family trip or the kids’ birthday parties are fun, but why stop there? Organize your slide shows with title pages made with your digital scrapbooking supplies, customize the background on your smart phone or use that big HDTV in your living room as a bright billboard for birthdays or other special occasions. Here’s how.

Digital photo frames aren’t just for parading pictures––use them to showcase your digital art too. Check your frame’s input capabilities before you start (the newer the digital photo frame, the more variety of input options are available to you) and then upload your pages to a either your memory card or flash drive, or though a USB connection. To ensure your title pages and images are uploaded in your preferred order, you may want to put them into a slideshow program first, or include a number of letter sequence in the names of all of your image files. (i.e., FamilyTrip2008-001.jpg, FamilyTrip2008-002.jpg, etc.)

our story title page by April Anderton materials book photo background (Art on the Screen + Felix Titling font + Photoshop (Adobe)

Smart phones like Apple’s iPhone or T-Mobile’s G1 (Google phone) have backgrounds that can be customized. Use your digital supplies to create personalized wallpaper JPGs to display on your device. Add photos to digital backgrounds and carry your memories with you.

family photos wallpaper by April Anderton materials swirl brush by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals + background image (Art on the Screen + Felix Titling font + Photoshop (Adobe)

Big Screen HDTVs are perfect to display messages to family, friends or guests! Are congratulations in order? Create an HD document (some software versions even have HDTV presets!) and customize it to the occasion. Save the layered file for quick adjustments later, such changing the greeting to say “Happy birthday!” for the next party.

happy holidays greeting by April Anderton materials background paper (Art on the Screen + Pointed Brush font + Photoshop (Adobe)

So, don’t just let those cool frame, phone & TV screens sit there unoccupied! Use your screens to their full potential as canvases for your creativity. And check out the free backgrounds, wallpapers and title pages made just for the screen at Art on the Screen.

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I have tried to load several digital layouts on a digital frame and much of the layout is cut off even after resizing..Any ideas? Thanks!
who knew? thanks!


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