Sure Shot: Skin So Soft

Molly Newman
We've all seen it and envied it: that flawless skin seemingly sported by every model and actress around. We've spent plenty of time and money trying to give our own skin the same fresh, spotless look. But what we don't see is the small army of makeup artists and professional airbrushers responsible for making sure that not a bump or a wrinkle ever makes an appearance on those celebrities' skin.

Though Digital Scrapbooking can't offer you the "miracle in a bottle" that can give you perfect skin overnight, we think we've got the next best thing: a simple fix to give your photo subjects smooth, even-looking skin... without the obvious "Photoshopped" look that so many magazine and album cover portraits sport. (Kelly Clarkson, we're talking to you!) Try this simple technique to get your skin--and your subjects--all aglow in just minutes.

Skin So Soft, Step-by-Step

A beautiful face, a cool textured background--all this photo needs is a tiny bit of skin softening.

1. Working in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, select Spot Healing Brush tool from Toolbox palette. Click on any large or obvious blemishes to remove them. Tip: Use the square bracket keys (left bracket and right bracket) to increase or decrease the brush size quickly. This shortcut works with any brush-based tool.

2. In Layers palette, right-click image layer and select Duplicate Layer.

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