Steps for Creating a Reflection on a Layout

From iPhone ads to electronics catalogs, digitally simulated reflections are everywhere. Here, Joanne applied the look to both her photo and title to create a unified design. Try this trendy effect, featured in “Life Online” in our October/November 2008 issue, for yourself.

    1. Extract subject from original photo by copying and pasting it into a new file. (Try the Magnetic Lasso or Selection Brush tool for a precise selection border.)
    2. Working in Layers palette, right-click photo layer and select Duplicate Layer. Choose Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical to turn new layer upside down.
    3. Use Move tool to arrange new layer so that "reflection" is just below original subject. Reduce new layer's Opacity slightly to allow it to blend into papers or elements placed beneath it.
    4. To create "rippled" effect, select a patterned paper for puddle and insert into layout. In a separate layer, use a variety of brushes to create puddle shape; duplicate puddle layer.
    5. In Layers palette, position one puddle layer beneath patterned paper layer. Right-click patterned paper layer and select Create Clipping Mask. Position second puddle layer beneath reflection layer; right-click reflection layer and select Create Clipping Mask.
    6. Create coordinating title by using Type tool to enter title in your choice of font. Repeat steps 2-5, selecting a different patterned paper if desired, to recreate reflection effect. 

Steps for Creating a Reflection on a Layout (Pg. 58, October/November 2008 issue)

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