Review: Adobe Photoshop CS3


Another nice change is the integration of curves with levels. Now you can adjust the curves and levels at the same time, saving a step or two. Version CS3 also has a black and white conversion tool that gives you control of channels and colors.












Inserting and Using Text
I found no difference in using text. I checked out the text on a path function to see if had improved with irregular shapes and around corners but I didn’t see any change. Programs like InDesign and Illustrator are still the best bet for text on an irregular path without having to fiddle with font size and such.
Saving or Printing the Document
When saving a file, you now have more file formats to choose from. There are a few more option is the Save for Web window, but if you’re saving the typical layout for upload, you’ll most likely stick with the standby.
Printing just got easier with CS3! A brand new print dialog window has a much better preview of your document and all the controls are in one window. Just make sure your printer is following along with the commands you choose in CS3.













The new Device Central lets you save your image for a Pocket PC, phone or other mobile device. It’s really made for developers of mobile device programs to create the user interface with PSCS3, but we know there are much cooler uses for it!















Other Features
Creating a scrapbook page is not the only thing to do in Photoshop CS3! You’ll want to try out a few new cool features for editing your photos, as well. If you shoot in RAW mode with your digital camera, you’ll find the features much easier to work with. Selection tools have improved, as have cloning and healing tools.
To sum it all up, Photoshop CS3 is a vast improvement over previous versions. It adds functionality and fun and will most likely increase your productivity and maybe even your creativity. Now, if there were only a keyboard shortcut for rotating a brush 90 degrees…

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