Digital Bouquet

Assembling Flower

  1. Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to cut out all petals. Brush front and back surfaces of each petal with decoupage adhesive to seal; allow to dry for one hour.
  2. Use wire cutters to trim gardenia flower just below leaves. Carefully disassemble stem, leaves and joints, petal holders and center. Set aside petals.
  3. Reassemble flower, substituting printed petals for original petals.
  4. Use anywhere you would use an ordinary silk flower—grouped into a bouquet, attached with a glue gun to a napkin ring, or wherever you like.

Materials six reconstructed digital flowers • six additional silk flowers with stems • slanted-handle bouquet holder • 12 yards 1½” double-faced satin ribbon • 2 yards 5/8” white satin ribbon • 30 white satin ribbon roses • floral wire • wired wooden floral picks • green floral tape • wire cutters • craft glue • vase (optional) • styrofoam cone (sized for vase, optional)
Make a special impact at a bridal shower, anniversary celebration or graduation party with a gorgeous grouping of digital flowers.

  1. Create bows by twisting 7 inches of ribbon into eight loops. Pinch the ribbon in the center and secure the bow by wrapping the wire attached to the floral pick around the middle bow. Secure the bow and pick by wrapping green floral tape around the wire base of the bow and down the floral pick. Repeat this process to make four additional bows.
  2. Cut each ribbon end at an angle to finish. Insert the first bow into the center of the bouquet holder. Insert the remaining bows into the sides of the holder.
  3. Add the reconstructed digital flowers into the bouquet holder. Add one digital flower stem into the top of the bouquet and the remaining five digital flowers around the bouquet holder. Arrange the additional silk flowers randomly throughout the bouquet.
  4. Create ten groups of three ribbon roses. Secure each group to a wired floral pick. To create each group, wrap the pick wire around the ribbon rose stems and secure with green floral tape. Insert the ribbon groups randomly into the bouquet.
  5. Fluff the ribbon loops and flowers with your hands for a fuller, finished bouquet. Wind and wrap the white satin ribbon down the bouquet handle. Secure the end with craft glue. Or, insert the bouquet handle into the top of a Styrofoam cone and place into the vase to create a table centerpiece.


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