Cultural Perspectives


In my blood runs the history of three very proud traditions: African, Native Indian, and Spaniard. It is my responsibility to honor them by passing on the stories and the love I have for these cultures. Through my pages and my telling of the story of our lives, my children learn to embrace their rich cultural traditions and they are able to pass that on to their own children. By sharing a story, a recipe, a place visited that reminds you of another time, I am able to give my children a place in history. This is important to me because I moved my family to the United States when they were all so young that they did not get to experience all the things I experienced when I was growing up. The only way I’m able to share my experiences with them is through my story telling and pages. Digital scrapping has allowed me to expand on this even more because as we share the pages through emails and blogs, they are able to ask questions about things I would have otherwise forgotten. These questions often lead me to another story and another page, and the history of our family is told not only in the day-to-day things, but also as stories that are full of cultural content. This cultural content is deeply reflected in my art. The two languages I speak and honor are a reflection of this tradition.

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