Bright Idea!

Making an inexpensive light box is easy. It's the perfect way to photograph memorabilia, your child's latest Play-doh project or those smaller items you want to sell on eBay.

Mine was built with four leftover pieces of a wire storage system. Put the frame together with the connectors that come with the set, or use small cable ties from the hardware store.

Materials wire cube • two shop lamps • two enhanced spectrum light bulbs (Reveal by GE) • small cable ties • 12 x 12 single sided scrapbook paper 

Double-stick tape makes it easy to fasten scrapbook paper to the "ceiling" of your creation. Attach the paper with the white side facing the inside of the cube. I like the weight and whiteness of BasicGrey paper, but any 12 x 12 paper that's white on one side will do. Double stick paper to the sides and bottom in the same way or clip to the sides with office binder clips.

For a seamless look, use those same binder clips to attach a 13 x 19 sheet of paper to the back wall, allowing it to drape towards the front of the cube. If you don't mind the seam or want to simulate floor and walls, fasten more 12 x 12 paper to the back wall.

Place your treasures in the light box, clip both lamps to the corners and you're done. Bulbs do get hot, and you're working in close quarters, so take care. Turn lights off and unplug them after each use.

Other creative light box projects we've seen online include lighting the inside of an Ikea pop-up linen clothes hamper and making a light box from white foam-core (attaching the lamps to tripods instead of the cube itself).

Photo results vary depending on the type and strength of your lighting. Details are typically much easier to see and since using enhanced spectrum lights I need little to no color correction.

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